District 11, one of the most diverse communities in Arizona, has been my home my entire life. I believe a legislator must maintain close contact with the community and must be available to the people at any time. From the devotion of time my mother, Ysabel Hernandez, spent at St. Catherine’s of Sienna Parish, to the time spent at American Legion Post 41, where my father Robert, a Korean War Veteran was a member, to my involvement in sports in the South Mountain Community, this community has always been there to support me in all my endeavors, and I look forward to giving back.

From a kindergarten student to a school administrator and school board member, to serving in both chambers of the State Legislature, I am the strong product of the rich diversity of District 11. This diversity within our community is what helps shape my legislative priorities.

Deep roots and experience matter when representing the community. I’ve served you before, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you again.



Catherine Miranda believes in preparing our students for college and the workforce. Successful outcomes for our students should be consistent across socio-economic lines. As a former teacher and school administrator, Catherine brought her passion for and experience with public education to the Arizona State Legislature, and has fought for Arizona’s kids at every opportunity.


In addition to preparing students for the workforce, and attracting employers to Arizona, we must address some of the underlying issues that have caused 44% of our children to live in poverty (compared to 23% in Arizona, and 18% nationwide). Parents who don’t have access to affordable childcare, a lack of affordable housing in the district, and high rates of parental incarceration are all contributing factors that must be addressed as part of a comprehensive strategy to improve the lives of families in our district.


We should not pay health insurance to different companies. Catherine believes we should be paying directly to clinicians and hospitals for the desired outcome. This will keep their income steady and better equip them to meet our individual needs. In our community, adult caregivers who care for elderly family members are facing a lack of support from the politicians they’ve elected.


Veterans are near to my heart, my father and late husband were both veterans. It’s critical that as veterans are returning to their homes in our community, they are given every opportunity to be successful. They need a proven champion who will fight for access to veteran educational opportunities and healthcare reform. These veterans put everything on the line, the least we as a community can do is support them every way possible.


Catherine has fought for DACA students throughout her years in the legislature. She was a central figure in the fight to get DACA recipients driver’s licenses, introducing legislation to counter then-Governor Brewer’s executive order preventing those individuals from obtaining a license. Then, when her Republican colleagues introduced legislation to mark DACA recipients’ licenses with “Non-Citizen,” she led the fight against this discriminatory bill. Catherine was the original leader and prime sponsor in the fight for consular cards for our immigrant community and recently that legislation has been passed.


Senator Miranda is committed to ending the Prison Industrial Complex and the devastating effect it is having on the families in her district. Working with inmates to develop job skills, and address mental health issues, and seeing that families affected have the resources to gain employment post-incarceration are all part of a comprehensive strategy to address this issue. Senator Miranda pledges to work with business owners and use legislative tools to increase the number of job opportunities for former inmates, and work to restore voting rights to those convicted of a felony.




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